Spectacular Food Dishes For a Perfect Christmas Party

We say Christmas party but you can use the idea in any other party you like. We focus on Christmas because it is a very important event of the year for many people all around the globe and it is celebrated in a grand style by most people. Most households throw a Christmas party where they invite their loved ones and celebrate the joyous occasion together. The best thing about Christmas parties is perhaps the food that is served piping hot on the table. It is a common fact among people who celebrate Christmas that by the end of the holidays, everyone gains some pounds due to the amazing food which one gets to eat in Christmas parties.There is no doubt that food is the best thing in any party which is why people take extra care to serve the right kind of food so that their guests would not be disappointed.

Since we understand that Christmas parties are a big deal, we have prepared a list of dishes that are sophisticated and delicious when you are hosting a Christmas parties. There are many drink ideas out there that you can search about but we feel that nothing tops warm hazelnut toddy.

Hors d’oeuvres

It refers to any kind of appetizers but we are talking about camembert cheese which is all soft and creamy after it is melted with some garlic and thyme added to it and topped off with sun dried tomatoes and served with a baguette.

Special Ham

Put a twist to the traditional ham by making it taste special and different. Cook ham with apricot, fennel seeds, black peppercorn and coriander but of course you can experiment if you want and we recommend using sweet ingredients in the dish.

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