Surprise Your Man This Valentines

Valentine ’s Day is a pretty special day for most and it is celebrated across the world with loads of flowers, red and pink boxes and plenty of other feminine themed items, while it is a pretty exacting day for women, men often feel like they are not able to enjoy the spirit of this special day to the fullest. Instead of getting your man a frilly box of chocolates, surprise them with something special by getting them a gift that appeals not only to his heart, but also to his stomach; get your man an edible beef jerky flower bouquet.

As odd as it may sound, flowers made of beef jerky are an actual hit and have been a pretty big hit as great gifts to give to a guy who cannot appreciate the beauty that can be found in delicacy. These protein loaded flowers have been engineered by The Manly Man Company; a business started up by a veteran who’s made it his job to meet the demands of a market niche that has been left in the dark for all this time. The company has a number of different kinds of beef jerky flowers to offer, coming in different flavours and quantities, they are even working on beef jerky roses that the company says are going to become available soon.

Each bouquet that the company offers comes in an elegant looking black box that will appeal to any guy’s taste, these boxes also provide the bouquets with superb safety and keep them from being damaged while in transit. You can get one for your man this valentines or simply order one to show them how much you care, you can take a look at what the company has to offer here

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