The Amazing Facilities of the Golden Temple Vellore

The Amazing Facilities of the Golden Temple Vellore

The Sripuram golden temple Vellore is a holy, pilgrimage site for thousands of people every year, and people who come from far and wide require many facilities like accommodation, eating and resting, those who are from Vellore or within Tamil Nadu, might not regularly use these facilities because they can return to their homes after performing the rituals or becoming part of the festival, but those who have come from distant places needs proper accommodation and the management of Sripuram golden temple Vellore have taken care of that providing excellent accommodation facilities in shape of guest house, dining facility and even medical facility.

golden-temple-copyThe guest house has over 150 rooms, around 52 of these are fully air conditioned rooms with attach baths, but these are mostly reserved for the esteemed religious leaders, but that doesn’t interfere in what the pilgrims require, because there are over five blocks of normal rooms, around 100 rooms are made available to the pilgrims with excellent facilities.

The devotees are not required to bring food with them, because the huge kitchen provides them healthy vegetarian food within the temple, The Annapoorani Mandapam has dining halls for the devotees and they are treated like esteemed guests and served with food, the timings are between 12pm to 3pm.

Golden temple Vellore accommodation is excellent and the devotees should not really worry about where would they stay and unlike many other huge temples people are not required to pay a lot and book hotel rooms nearby. It is remarkable that such a huge was built within seven years and they have taken care of every possible facility and credit goes to the management of Sripuram golden temple and Peedam that they have kept everything operative and provide excellent accommodation facilities to the devotees.

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