The Delta 58471-PK Handshower Shower Head

The Delta 58471-PK Handshower Shower Head

In this article, we will be telling you all about the best handheld shower head but before we do that, we will talk a little bit about handheld showers so that our readers know the background information. As the name suggests, handheld showers are the ones which can be held in hand and used to reach every part of the body while taking a shower. They can be easily mounted on the wall on a hook and be taken down whenever the person wishes. Many people prefer this type of shower because it provides flexibility and gives them control to rinse even the hard to reach parts of the body.

When we are talking about the handheld shower heads, then we have to mention Delta 58471-PK as it is the best handheld shower head available in the market. There are many brands selling handheld showerheads in the market but not all of them are up to the mark. Without keeping you waiting further, scroll down to the information about the best handheld shower head.


It is the main choice of all the experts and has been tested and tried by them. It allows 2.5 gallons per minute and the showerhead is available in 5 different colors. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and is famous because the technology gives the illusion of more water which the customers love.

Attractive Features

Even though it is bit costly but it is definitely worth the money due to the features it has. The showerhead has a button which controls the flow of the water which can be high or low pressure. The water droplets are quite huge which is a fact liked by the most customers as it provides relaxation in the shower.

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