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The Housing Dilemma

If you are someone who is moving to a major city then one of the first things that you will be looking for is a place to stay. Now when you are looking for a place to stay at you have to take in to account a few variables that will affect where you live, how much you can spend on living over there, do you want to have a space of your own, do you plan on buying a place permanently or are you only in the city temporarily, do you plan on living alone, with roommates, or bring in your family, are you looking for any specific luxuries, these questions and others will determine what type of place is right for you if you want to live in the city. Now for most of the cases where you move to a new city you have one of two major options that will define your living situation in that city, you can either rent out an apartment or you could buy or rent a condo for yourself.

Now the main difference between a condo and an apartment is that one is only available for renting purposes, while the other is owned by you. While it is possible to rent a condo from someone who owns a condo, that in itself is a different situation altogether. While both are shared spaces you will find that you have more mobility with apartments as you can leave the one you live in at any point in time, with condos you usually have to stick around till you pay off the mortgage, after which you could choose to live elsewhere and rent it out. Condos do however provide more facilities, security and luxuries than apartments (which you can still use if you rent them). To find out more go to

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