The Importance of Oral Hygiene

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

I’m sure you probably rolled your eyes at this because let’s face it, we’ve been hearing about the importance of hygiene as well as oral hygiene since elementary schools. There would be entire classes dedicated to taking care of our health and hygiene related affairs so really it all just sounds repetitive to you at best. So, what is it about oral hygiene that turns it into a topic that needs to be repeated and consistently talked about? Oral hygiene refers to taking care of our entire mouth, so our teeth, our gums and our tongue.

Various polls and surveys have found that one of the first few things we notice about someone is their teeth, we do it subconsciously and we do end up judging the person based on the condition of their teeth. So, someone with crooked, discolored teeth who may or may not necessarily have bad breath would be subconsciously labeled as an untidy or an unkempt person in our head even though it might be far from the truth. People with bad oral hygiene are even denied jobs that require social interaction with clients as well.

If we look at it from the medical perspective, bad oral hygiene has been found to be correlated to a number of diseases like mouth cancer, heart problems and can have adverse consequences for people who already suffer from diabetes. So, we aren’t exaggerating when we talk about the need to maintain our oral health. Do not be ashamed to go to the doctor in case you do happen to have dental problems or if you suffer from unexplained bad breath, it could be an underlying issue for all you know. Brush and floss regularly and get teeth whitening strips to tackle discoloration. You can visit websites like Oralmantra for reviews on different whitening strip home kits for a better idea.

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