The New Toronto Housing

The New Toronto Housing

Nowadays we see that more and more people are opting to move away from the suburbs and live closer to the city or even inside of the city if that is possible. The traditional notion of moving out of a rentable apartment and moving in to a house in the suburban areas of your country to start a family and settle down is, quite frankly, dying out. People still want to settle down and have a family, they just do not want to do it in the suburban areas, especially with the housing market having crashed and the prices for houses going up faster than the wages of people are. People want cheaper housing, they want that housing to be in the city, and they want to be able to own it instead of having to rent it. For these reasons we have seen a huge rise in the popularity of condominiums in major countries like Toronto. Projects are popping up at all avenues, like the Platform Condos on the danforth, and they are attracting more and more people to them.

If you go through the Platform Condo floor plans and condo prices you will see that projects like these will give you a much cheaper condo that will have the same square footing and size as a house, but at nearly a third of the price. Condos do not have to have extremely high pricing for them to be successful as the realtors could very easily sell 10 condos on the same plot due to the design possibilities, Added to that is the competitiveness in the market as more and more real estate agencies and building companies are creating condos because of their popularity. This will mean that people are able to afford cheaper housing inside of the city.

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