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The Pests That Might Be Living With You

Over the years, horror movies have accustomed us to think about how our houses might get haunted by unseen creatures who mean us no good; a lot of that is true and actually happens, only that instead of ghosts or poltergeists, you’re more likely to get pest infestations. Pests are a problem that can manifest in all kinds of houses, whether they’re apartments or town houses, new or old – it can happen to anyone.

A Pest infested house is a sick house and just like how you go to a doctor when you’re sick, your house needs an expert in pest control Folsom to help make it feel better again. Pests such as termites can compromise the structural integrity of your house and totally ruin your furniture, and then there are some pests such as bed bugs that can even get in your bed with you and bite you in your sleep, resulting in nasty itchy patches that can be a serious problem especially if you’re allergic.

Cockroaches are something that no one likes to see creeping around in their houses; roaches can breed in your gutters if they’re left unclean for a long period of time. The main problem with cockroaches breeding in your gutter is that they won’t stay down there and you’ll start seeing them in every corner of your house – most unpleasant. Ants are another very common pest that will form lines and pile up on any eatable good that you leave lying around for a bit. Ants can also bite you and creep up your clothes.

If you feel like your house has uninvited creepy crawlies as guests, speak with Neighborly Pest MGMT now for a diagnosis and to discuss what steps need to be taken to get rid of these unwanted guests as soon as possible.

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