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When one is convicted of a crime, they will be placed in police custody until their court meeting. Whilst in custody, it’s very difficult for you to get to talk with the outside world and even worse, make a case to defend yourself while you’re locked up. However, almost all jurisdictions can set a bail amount for the defendant.

It is a payment of money to the legislation to ensure that the defendant comes back to court when called upon. It acts as the court’s way of insurance that a defendant will not try to escape but will be present and accounted for when the time for his trial comes. Cash is just one form of payment however. You can also make use of bail bonds to get out of prison with lesser hassle. When it comes to cash, there are many convicted of a crime that don’t have the current resources to be able to afford the full cash value of their bail amount. If the defendant can’t than someone else may do it on their behalf, but if the more the bail amount exceeds, the fewer people can afford it. Bail bonds act like insurance on the defendant’s behalf.

What a bail bonds lets you do is sign off on some form of collateral so that you can get out of jail fast. You also save cash when using the bail bonds Stockton has available. The reason for this is that you need only pay ten percent of the original bail when using a bail bond. The bail bonds agent will have you sign some collateral that they can sell to make back the original amount should you fail to show for your court meeting. But in the long run, it’s definitely faster than cash.

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