Things to Know About Crossbows

Things to Know About Crossbows

Crossbows are one of the wickedest weapons ever to be invented by human race. It is considered to be a traditional weapon because its use started quite a while ago and it is different from the modern weaponry which are all about making a lot of noise and causes massive destruction. If you watch Hollywood movies and like zombie movies then we are sure that you have already seen a crossbow in one such movies as movies are making this specific weapon quite famous. Even video games which are all about warfare have crossbows in the category of weapons.

If you are not that familiar with crossbows then it is possible that you do not understand the appeal of them and you probably will not be interested in Barnett Vengeance review or any other crossbow related review which is understandable. If you are one of those people who love crossbows but do not know anything about them then this article is perfect for you as we will be explaining the main points of a crossbow.

Arrow Retention Spring

The arrow retention spring is responsible for holding back the arrow in its place till the trigger is pressed down.


The barrel is the place where the arrow lies and it is made of different materials.

Flight Groove

It is the track for the arrow which is grooved and its job is to to maintain the placement of the arrow and the string.


The latch might not seem like much but it is quite important as it keeps the arrow in its place by holding the string in its place when the arrow is in the crossbow. If a problem with the latch occurs, the string would spring and the arrow would be fired.

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