Things to Know While You Shop For a Garden Hose

We are going to provide some basic information that you should know in order to make the right purchase so let us start. There are so many things to know about garden hoses like did you know that you should know about water hose nozzle high pressure before you make a purchase?


Ply is very important for garden hose, ply refers to a layer so if a garden has more plies, it will have more strength which is something that is always needed. If you want a garden hose for your home then you should look into a garden hose with one to six layers and you can even look into one which has a reinforcing mesh layer in between.


The diameter of a hose matters a lot because the amount of water is directly dependent on the size of the diameter. Generally, a garden hose would be around 5/8 inch in diameter and that is perfect for house use but you can look into other sized garden hoses too but remember that the diameter would dictate the amount of water coming through.


Length is a very important factor when it comes to garden hose; if the water source is far away then you would need a water hose that is longer but one thing that you need to remember about long garden hoses is that as the length increases, the amount and pressure of water decreases so we would recommend that you only go for the length that you really need or go for two short garden hoses joined together. The short garden hoses that you might find in the market are for places that are difficult to get to or they are used for patio washing.

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