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Things You Need to Know About Custom WhatsApp

One of the best things about owning an Android is that you can easily and effortlessly install custom mods of the apps that you want to. One of the most popular mod is of WhatsApp. Previously, users had the ability to use WhatsApp+ that was a custom version of WhatsApp that allowed for a lot of benefits including the ability to theme the messenger according to your preference.

However, ever since the banning of WhatsApp+, fans have been looking for an alternative. Well, you can now download Gbwhatsapp if you are looking for an alternative version of WhatsApp. However, you must know a few things before you do that. These are mostly concerns that one must keep in mind but it is still better to know about these things than not having any knowledge.

There is Risk Involved

There is a small amount of risk involved in custom WhatsApp that is important to keep note of. Sure, many people do not know about it, but you should know about the risks. The risks can lead to having your account getting banned, or some other privacy concerns. So, this is something that you must keep in mind whenever you are thinking about using a custom WhatsApp or any custom app for that matters.

Lots of Customization

This is a good thing; with custom WhatsApp, you have the ability to customize your app in a lot of different ways including some over the top customizations, as well as some basic, skinned changes. The app certainly becomes a lot different, and the user experience drastically changes as well. Something that is very important for most of the Android users around. After all, customization is something that we all love.

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