Thuy Huong: Finest Vietnamese Food, Now in Sydney

Thuy Huong: Finest Vietnamese Food, Now in Sydney

People of Sydney love eating food, and while Australia is no short of having its own iconic dishes, there are people who have acquired tastes for foreign foods, and are often found looking for international cuisines. Traveling for food is always a good thing, however, sometimes spending a lot of money just for the sake of authentic food doesn’t make sense. For those who are looking for having good, authentic, and freshly made Vietnamese food right in Sydney, the best place is to visit Thuy Huong.

1-thuy-huong-1-1-1438582502026The good thing about this restaurant is that it serves delicious Vietnamese food at very, very attractive prices, and that’s not all, for those who are not willing to go for a dine-in, the restaurant also delivers with one of the best delivery systems we have seen in a long time.

As for the dine in experience, it remained relatively pleasant with the whole interior reminiscing the Vietnamese culture and cuisine. The ambient was nice, service was quick, food was delivered hot, and in the right portions; it wasn’t too much, and it wasn’t too less.

Speaking of food, the menu at Thuy Huong is one of the best menus you will find in any major restaurant, from starters to the main course, each of the menu item is carefully described along with the serving size as well, and one of the good things about the menu is that it isn’t crowded like a lot of restaurants do, the menu is concise, to the point, and only has a short amount Vietnamese selection. The reason this is good because crowding the menu can actually cause a lot of confusion among the customers, and not only that, it makes the chef’s job even more demanding than it already is.

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