Top Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Around 20 states in the US have legalized the use of marijuana as it is believed that it may have several health benefits apart from recreational benefits. Many people are against this stance as they believe that there is no such term as ‘medical marijuana’; it is only for recreational purposes. However, there have been studies that claim several health benefits related to medical marijuana. Nevertheless, the legalization of marijuana is definitely a step towards studying the use of the drug and how it affects our body; putting it to better use. But it is important to note that too much use of marijuana for non medical purposes can have negative impact on our health as well as disrupt your memory and lead to dependency.

cdyc9szwgaejhxxMedical marijuana has been known for treating as well as preventing the eye disease known as Glaucoma; lowering the pressure inside the eye and helping prevent blindness. In addition, it can also increase the lung capacity essentially improving lung health. According to the researches by American Medical Association, the use of tobacco can severely harm your lungs resulting in them not functioning at all. When compared to marijuana, the results showed that the latter increase the capacity of the lung. The most popular cause of this benefit has been rooted to the fact that the drug requires deep inhaling instead of inhaling the chemical inside it.

Epileptic seizures have been strongly linked to medical marijuana according to a research conducted in 2003 by Robert J. DeLorenzo. It has also proved to stop the cancer from spreading and decreases anxiety. You can get your marijuana card online by consulting a doctor if you are doing through any health issues; the consultation and testing will ensure your qualification of the medical marijuana.

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