Tracking Marketing

If you are a company on the internet, then you live in the global age of potential marketing techniques and stunts. There is so much that can be done nowadays by any person who either runs or markets their business, product, or service on the internet. If you were to run a marketing campaign, the first few steps would be incredibly easy. You obviously start with the main big social media websites, like facebook, youtube, twitter, tumblr, and reddit. With these websites you can have your marketing ad sponsored and sent to thousands or millions of people. These ads will simply come along on the feeds of people who are in your target audience as simple posts. While it might say that the content is sponsored, it is sure to come up in a way any other post does, and so will be read by the people.

Other than that you also have the option to put up pop up ads, click ads, emails, newsletters, search engine optimization, and many others to go along with your main marketing campaigns. There is a lot that can be done, and you can even throw in a few print, television, and radio ads along there for good measure. The problem with all this, however, comes with the fact that all of these ads cannot possibly be just as good as the other. A certain campaign on a certain platform will do better than others. The trick is to find out which campaign works so that you know better for the next time. A great way to do that is to create a 1300 number that goes with each campaign. If the clients have to call you for business to work, then this works well. The different 1300 numbers can tell you which campaign works better.

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