Up Your Peripheral Game

It’s really sad how many PC gamers spend so much thought and money on the parts they use to build their PCs and then totally compromise on the quality of peripheral devices they use. We’ve seen stellar PCs and monitor screens with run of the mill office keyboards in front of them. Yes, they have buttons just like gaming keyboards do but they aren’t made to offer better switch activation and a tactile feel – things that are very important when it comes to gaming.

At a certain point, most people realise that they can’t keep gaming on cheap keyboards for ever and then proceed to upgrade to mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting, macros and all but even at this point, they still compromise on the quality of mouse they use. Gaming mice can be pretty pricey and even though they have better and more tactile feeling buttons and scroll wheels, they perform the average tasks the same as any other pointing device.

A lot of people consider gaming mice an optional peripheral that they may or may not buy sometime down the road to make their rig look even sweeter. However, gaming mice can actually make one hell of a difference to your performance in FPS games and your overall comfort in general. You can learn more about them at www.gamingdator.net. These mice offer DPI values as high as 8000, which doesn’t show when you’re using the mouse in general but once you’re in game, the better sensitivity can be your deadliest weapon.

All users have a different kind of grip on their mice as well. Gaming mice are made, keeping these grip styles in mind so you can choose a mouse that suits your hand the most – plenty of reasons to upgrade, no?

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