What Are Guest Posting Best Practices For Link Building?

Guest posting on other blogs and websites can be an effective way to earn high-quality backlinks. But simply posting your content anywhere that will take it can hurt your site. Follow these guest posting best practices to build links safely:

Choose Relevant Sites

link building in seoGuest post on sites that make sense for your business and would be of interest to your target audience. Make sure the site is relevant to your industry and don’t spam every site you can find with a “write for us” page. Quality over quantity.

Research the Site

Vet sites thoroughly before you reach out about guest posting. Make sure they have a strong domain authority, decent traffic and a good reputation. Check for any history of linking to low-quality sites. The links you earn are only as good as the sites they come from.

Provide Value to Readers

Write posts that will truly engage readers of the site. Don’t just write to insert links back to your site. Provide useful information and unique insights. This will lead to higher quality links that readers want to click on.

Follow Editorial Guidelines

Always adhere to the editorial guidelines of any site you write for. Don’t try to sneak in excessive links or keywords if it goes against their policies. Write posts tailored specifically for each site.

Link Relevant Resources

Only link back to high-quality resources relevant to the specific post. Don’t spam links just for the sake of it. Every link you insert should add value for the reader in that particular context.

Follow Up After Publication

It can be helpful to follow up with the site owner after your guest post goes live. Ask if they were happy with the results and open up a relationship for potential future guest posting opportunities. Just don’t be overly aggressive with your link building outreach.

Use a Natural Anchor Text Mix

Don’t over-optimize anchor text. Vary your anchor text links, using a natural blend of branded, generic and partial match text.

By focusing on providing value and earning high-quality links naturally, guest posting can be a worthwhile part of an ethical link building strategy for your site. If done incorrectly though, it can seriously damage your site’s reputation. Consider hiring a trustworthy link building agency to ensure your approach follows guest posting best practices.

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