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What Are Mouthguards, Why Are They Used And What Happens if You Don’t Wear Them

As the name suggests, they literally guard your mouth i.e. they save the mouth from injuries. They have been around since quite some time and mouthguards Adelaide can be provided by any dental facility. Most mouth guards are made from soft plastic or sometimes with a laminate material and are used not only in the protection of the mouth but also for other various things. Read different types of uses of mouthguards Adelaide below.

Dental Procedures

meet-our-teamOften mouth guards are used to protect thin porcelain bridges from damage and are usually worn at nighttime in this case. They are also used during teeth-whitening procedures.

Oral Medicine

Mouth guard is often used as a device to stop individual from lip or cheek biting. Many people have the habit of chewing the inside of their teeth which becomes painful so mouth guards are used to break the habit. Not only this, they are used to help reduce snoring and are worn when the patient is sleeping. They are used to distribute the pressure during joint disorders.

Protection of the Teeth

Most commonly, mouth guards are used to provide protection to the teeth and are most commonly used during playing sports. These sports are the ones which run the risk of injuries to the players for e.g. basketball, rugby, mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling etc. Mouth guards provide a kind of shield to the teeth, jaw and its joints, cheek and tongue. Many schools and sports have the law of wearing mouth guards.

When You Don’t Wear Mouth Guards

Not wearing mouth guards during sports can result in serious injuries, even a concussion might occur. Most common injuries are broken teeth and jaws and damage to the tongue.

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