What Are The Different Types of Band Saw Available?

There are four basic types of band saws and there is a slight variation in the functions and features of each which is why we recommend that you first go through this article so that you not only get know about each type of band saw but you will also get an idea about the type that will suit your wood projects best. Another thing that you should do before purchasing a band saw is see the latest bandsaw reviews so that you buy the perfect band saw for your work.

Bench Top

If you are familiar with various woodworking tools, you would have an idea in your mind how a bench top band saw would look in your workshop. The bench top is best for people who do woodwork as a hobby and do wood projects on the side. This type is great because it can be taken anywhere because of its wheels which are generally 8 to 12 inches but varies from brand to brand and another great point is that it is lightweight which is why it can easily be placed on any bench top. Another thing that might interest you is that the band saw is pretty inexpensive so you would not need to spend a lot of money on it.

Stand Mounted

The first thing that you need to know is the diameter of configuration which is generally 14 inches for these types of band saw. In order to secure them, they are fixed on cast iron stands or even metal cabinets and they can do curve cutting splendidly.

Floor Standing

These are the professional band saws as they have the biggest motor and the diameter blade is 14 to 18” and these are able to cut through different materials.

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