What Causes a Person to Become Argumentative?

What Causes a Person to Become Argumentative?

This article discusses the behavior of a person with argumentative personality. We’ll try to explain a few important things briefly.

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Some people have an argumentative personality. Some people might argue with others to test different ideas, and end the conversation once they reach a reasonable answer to their question. This type of argumentation is perfectly healthy. However, there also are some people who like to argue out of their habit. These people can’t help but argue about the smallest of things, and would make a fuss about the smallest of problems. This is what a person with argumentative personality does regularly.

Here are some negatives from the aggressive communication characteristics of people with argumentative personality.

Negatives of Argumentative Personality

Here are some of the negatives of a person who possesses argumentative personality.

  • People with this type of personality are very difficult to live and work with. They’ll make a huge deal of even the smallest of things, and will convert a normal conversation into a conflict real quick.
  • These people can’t get enough of themselves, and are usually narcissistic as well. They think of everything negatively.
  • They fail to see how others might feel about their behavior with them. This causes them to hurt others without even realizing the damage they’re doing.
  • They fail to live peacefully with people who have different believes from them. They feel like the other person is threatening their beliefs, and go full defensive without any apparent reason.
  • There people always blame other people for their faults.

Dealing With an Argumentative Person

If you know that you’re facing an argumentative person, you have to be brave and collected when talking to them.

  • Keep in mind that the arguments of such people are superficial, and they don’t have a strong defense to defend their idea.
  • Avoid taking their opinion on any matter.
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2 thoughts on “What Causes a Person to Become Argumentative?

  1. How to overcome this personality? As a person myself like that, I don’t know what triggered it and how to rectify it, because we simply do not argue with the intention of hurting others, but simply we can’t see where we are at fault

    1. Hi Anushka,

      To overcome an argumentative personality, you can try the following steps:

      1. Increase self-awareness: Observe your behavior and reactions during conversations. Recognize when you’re becoming argumentative and take note of what triggers it.

      2. Practice active listening: Focus on understanding the other person’s perspective without interrupting. Ask questions to clarify their point of view and show empathy.

      3. Choose your battles: Realize that not every disagreement needs to turn into an argument. Learn to let go of minor issues and focus on the bigger picture.

      4. Develop empathy: Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to understand their feelings and emotions. This can help you become less defensive and more open to different opinions.

      5. Practice effective communication: Learn to express your thoughts and feelings clearly and calmly. Avoid using aggressive language or tone, and try to find common ground to reach a resolution.

      6. Be open to feedback: Accept that you may not always be right and be willing to learn from others. Seek feedback from friends, family, or colleagues about your argumentative tendencies and work on improving them.

      7. Reflect and learn: After an argument, take time to reflect on what happened, how it could have been handled differently, and what you can learn from it. This self-reflection can help you grow and change your argumentative habits.

      Remember that change takes time and practice, so be patient with yourself as you work on overcoming your argumentative personality.

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