What Does Rooting Your Phone Mean?

This article will hugely help out newbies who do not have much information about the inner workings of a cellphone. Do not get confused by the word “rooting”, it does not mean that you have to physically root your mobile somewhere. The meaning of rooting is to have access to the roots of operating system. We know that might sound confusing so let us explain the concept in detail. There are specific operating systems for cellphones which come in various versions. The manufactures of the operating systems have knowingly limited the user’s access to many of the features of the operating systems. This is done so that they can introduce these features in the next update of the operating system; it is a business move through which they earn. But sometimes the limitations are placed there because the particular cellphone cannot handle the extra features.

Rooting can be done through different applications like framaroot app. You can see a guide here about how to install framaroot apk. The process allows you to unlock the many features of the operating system and use it all that is why we said that it lets you give your cell root access to the system. The term “rooting” is used for unlocking various features on Android phones; it is similar to the term “jail breaking” which is used for iPhones.

Rooting a phone is a big deal because it gives the user access to many of the forbidden features; themes, applications and permission to even changes system settings and completely swapping system applications for anything they wish for.

Technically speaking, when you root a phone, you change the software code of the phone or even download completely different software. A very important point to remember is that there are different rooting procedures which can be used according to the make and model of the cellphone.

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