What is a Sub-Woofer?

There is no person on earth that doesn’t like some sort of music or melody and no matter how old or young they might be their love for music never fades. You might be a big fan of pop, rap, country, rock, or trance and a person’s music taste can depend from time to time depending on the mood. We usually listen to music from earphones or speakers of cars and home theaters. Both of the experiences are different as when you are listening to the music through earphones you are just looking to enjoy it on your own whereas when you prefer speakers you are looking for mutual fun. Speakers are great to change the mood of any room and are perfect for occasions which involve large number of people. You might be addicted to listening to high-bass hip hop songs in your car and one can only achieve the strong bass experience if they have installed high-quality subwoofers in their car.

Human ear can pick up a certain range of sound frequency and generally the shrill sound from low quality speakers is of high frequency which can be uncomfortable for you sometimes. Dropping the sound frequency results in deep bass sound experience and subwoofers are designed to sustain low-frequency sound. General sub-woofers can handle a frequency range of 20 to 200 Hz which is perfectly suitable for home and indoor purposes. High-quality sub-woofers which are used by DJs produce the lowest frequency of sound waves which boosts the bass of the sound and enhances the experience of the people listening it. A subwoofer can be of various measurements ranging from 8 inches to 15 inches which serve different purposes and features. A 15 inch subwoofer is an all-in-one device and you can look for the best quality sub-woofers on the website of D-Sound Pro.

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