What Scented Candles Work Best For Men

What Scented Candles Work Best For Men

The great thing about scented candles is that there is such a wide variety to look into, which means that men can find candles suited to their needs as well. You just need to look outside the usual girly scents that such candles tend to use!

One great scented candle that pretty much all men are going to enjoy is the bacon scented candle. This is definitely one of the manliest scents out there, and the added bonus is that you are going to get yourself nice and hungry once you light this one up! You can also go for a barbeque scented candle. This is a great option for people that want something a little more versatile, because this scented candles conforms to the smell of barbeque in general rather than any specific meat. Apart from food scented candles, bourbon scented varieties are also very popular. They can get you and your friends in the mood for a night of drinking in no time at all.

If you want something outside of the food and drink stereotype, one great option is tobacco. This is undoubtedly a man scented candle, and what’s more is that it offers you no shortage of varieties since tobacco is so diverse. Moving away from consumables entirely you can get a candle scented like fresh cut grass. This is a great, refreshing candle that can help you get the best start to your day possible. Light it in the morning and enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass for the rest of your pre-work routine!

There is so much variety that men who want scented candles will truly be spoiled for choice. You can also get prank candles whose smell would go bad if you want to trick your friends!

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