What to Wear Hiking

Hiking can be a great activity for anyone. It gives you a chance to go outside and get some fresh air, walk across unfamiliar paths and allow you to get some exercise, so you end up feeling healthy and refreshed. You can choose to be a casual hiker or make it a weekend activity for yourself and your friends and family.

If you are unfamiliar with hiking and will be hiking for the first time, it is recommended that you make sure you are dressed right before you begin, because the wrong clothes can make things really difficult for you.

  • Do not wear jeans or uncomfortable pants. They will only end up hindering movement, plus they will end up absorbing moisture and sweat, so you will continuously feel hot and sweaty, and in case the temperature drops, you will end up feeling really cold. The same principle applies for cotton shirts as well, so avoid both of these items.
  • Nylon, merino wool and polyester clothes and undergarments are great since they help sweat to slide off your skin, and lets your clothes dry faster, so your clothes do not end up retaining any type of moisture.
  • If you will be hiking in a hilly area or at times where you know the temperature will drop, you need to take a hiking jacket with you. The jacket needs to be polyester fleece, however, for even colder temperatures, foam jackets are more preferred.
  • A rainproof jacket is also essential. Your jacket should be both rainproof and breathable since it will allow for better air flow and will not have you feel like you are being suffocated or weighed down.
  • You need to be wearing proper shoes that allow for comfortable wear, are able to protect you from rocks, and provide proper traction as well.
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