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The Different Types of Carpet Stains

Giving in our carpets for professional cleaning is necessary if you want to maintain your carpet, keep it free from dust, bacteria and other harmful substances, removing tricky stains, and increasing the overall longevity of our carpet. You can choose to get your carpet deep cleaned, or you can opt for steam carpet cleaning London.

When it comes to steam cleaning your carpet, it can end up removing a lot of different types of stains, but it is important for you to identify the type of stain you are dealing with.

  • The first stain category are water soluble stains, which, as the name suggests, involves stains that are dissolved in water and hence easier to move around. This can include fruit and vegetable juice stains, mud stains and so on. These are relatively easy to remove and you can even deal with them yourself.
  • The next stain category are non-water soluble stains. These type of stains, unlike the previous type, cannot dissolve in water. So, this includes stains caused by tar, grease and oil. These are not that easy to remove since they require a stronger agent to break down.
  • Moving on, we have chemically soluble stains. These stains include things like vomit, urine and stains caused by other chemicals. These are not easy to remove by any means, and these really require professional attention.
  • Lastly, we have non-soluble stains. These stains are the toughest and the trickiest stains to deal with because they cannot be removed or dissolved through the use of chemicals, because if chemicals are used, they can end up damaging your carpet. So, stains caused by gum, wax, glue and crayons fall in this category. Dealing with these kind of stains require the services of only experienced professionals because if it is handled recklessly, your carpet will most likely get damaged.
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