Different Types of Windows Style You Can Install in Ottawa

If you are a citizen of Ottawa or are looking to move here and build a new house or rebuild your older one, you may be interested to know what sort of windows you can and should look for to install in your house in Ottawa. There is this Ottawa company called Canadian Choice Windows & Doors which offer a huge variety of windows to select from. All of them are made of vinyl so it is the perfect choice for your house situated in the climate of Ottawa.

What You Can Choose From
The different varieties of windows offered by this Ottawa company are as follows:

  1. One of the most common types of toilet windows is the awning windows. You should install them in your toilets to have a better system of ventilation.
  2. The Bay & Bow windows are quite unique and if you have an inward shaped wall or pillar on your walls then this will be the best type of window to install on them. This will take away the awkwardness of the protruded part of the wall as well.
  3. One of the more general types is casement windows. The advantage of this type is that they open up to a wider angle compared to most types of windows.
  4. Double Hung windows are usually installed in attics. However, Canadian Choice offers a spring-mounted mechanism which increases the ventilation capacity of them.
  5. Single Hung windows are the sister type of Double Hung windows with only 1 window designed to slide up and down.
  6. The End Vent is one of the more classic designs of windows. You usually see them in paintings looking out the window.
  7. Sliding Tilt windows are a bit rare to be seen. This Ottawa company provides them in multiple pane glasses and is sealed with Argon so they are good for insulation.
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